The main usage of the glass coating

You can be able to give a strong and durable water repellency in the body of the car, played the dirt most, to protect the paint of the body from minor scratches if perform the glass coating. We are able to significantly reduce the effort and the car wash, the hassle of paint to hide the wound by this. However, let's remember also that it is not possible to re-paint after you have the glass coating.

After that, it is also possible to apply the glass coating on the wheel is a part of most car dirty. Cleaning of wheels dirty running the road muddy is something very much, dirt at a minimum by the water repellency of the glass coating, you will be able to remove the dirt most just flow with water even. Because it can be applied to the glass of the car and further, it is recommended to the windshield, particularly the effect. Water-repellent glass coating if applied thereto to the windshield, is a wiper does not need be no matter what the rain, The view is good always, safety at the time of the rainy weather is supposed to be one of the best in any downpour.

In addition, it is the problem that the life of the coating by the wiper is shortened's a problem with the coating of the front glass , but because no longer needed at all wiper, as described above, there is little to worry about the shortening of life due to wiper. You'll be expected that a period similar to that applied to the other glass, the effect of the glass coating is sustained. One technique of glass coating, I give various benefits to the car like this.