Let's also shiny the inside of car

Dirt protection outside the car will be almost perfect glass coating. It does not need care right Because I would play most of the dirt by the high water repellency. But the car because it is a vehicle that humans get into during the next will be problems in the car care.

Because I want to clean the outside of a glass coating much trouble, do not even inside is not kept clean at the same time. However, it is impossible, such as glass coating the interior of all car and do not have much sense to demonstrate the water-repellent in the car. It would be most appropriate to carry out Leave it to a professional cleaning in the car. Makes subjected to sterilization Clean every nook and cranny by detergent or steam cleaner only.

Further, as a coating on vehicle dedicated special coating that adsorbs harmful substances naturally by sunlight with a coating agent containing a combination of hydro- xylylene apatite and titanium oxide, inserted into the car, can you was separated releasing bacteria bacteria and malodorous you can even ask for. It may be said that it is an excellent technology not inferior to glass coating also coating of these car only.

After, since I a man who defile the inside of car you want to use, and bear in mind depending on how you should use to clean the car how the user in mind at all times. Is clean, it is possible to put a chill on what you see the inside of a car is removed from the glass of the car, which is ensured transparency in the glass coating also is Tara dirty is certainly outside in just does shine in how much glass coating. It means take advantage to maximize the benefits of glass coated with be shiny to be like outside the car.