Defend from scratches in the coating of glass

Scratch the glass, scratch most visible in the car would be scratches on the front glass in particular. Windshield which can be called eye for the driver is very noticeable in the wound one, will be distracted at all times, even during operation.

Order for the equipment at risk of leaving a wound that wiper essential for rainy weather is attached to the windshield, it had been recognized that the wound will increase more and more, even if it careful further. However, change has come to the situation by coating technology to protect the wound from such a glass appeared. It is a glass coating technology.

There are also confusing the name of the same glass, but instead of pointing to be coated with glass, named glass coating refers to applying a coating clear hard as glass are marked. By without impairing the transparency of the glass if the coating technique, to increase the durability of the glass, and adds water repellency and more high, I can be increased many times over the performance of the windshield.

Particularly high water repellency is probably the big thing that view is blocked by the drop of water it would be any rain is no longer, to be able to eliminate the need to move any wiper that worry about scratch the windshield. Of course, the wiper may operate if durability by the glass coating, scratch has become hard to much than normal glass, but if it is not necessary to move the first place wiper, to zero even the possibility of scratches on the wiper will. It may be said wound care of the windshield and no longer needed by the first glass coating.