Glass coating which thought about environment

Glass coating is often attracted attention and high water repellency repel, just that time of the care of the owner of the car saves by high durability is not damaged the dirt, but the effect is actually larger, environment rather than the individual it is a technique that may help greatly for.

It can be seen by anyone if people who have had a car wash normal before the glass coating appeared but, wax and detergent of a large amount is required if you try to run errands, wash clean the one car, while washing with water and most sewer, clogging will flow directly to the environment. It is about mind-boggling considering the amount of wax and detergent caused to flow by car wash in Japan is an automobile society of one single adult, let alone a single in the family. Given the burden of a strong detergent only it has on the environment, it will be beyond the ability of imagination here.

But the tremendous burden environment are those that exist certainly, I did not go away as long as the car continues to be car wash to many Japanese. However, glass coating is a technology that will dramatically reduce the number of such car wash, there is little need of potential even if to wash a car by water repellency further high. You do not even need a wax of course.

Sonaruto you will have to come up every time the car that gave the glass coating in Japan increases, the amount of detergent to be consumed by the car wash is gradually reduced dramatically, it is not necessary almost at the end. This is to say that the glass coating if applied to all Japanese cars as hypothetically, burden itself to the environment described above will become zero. It may not go well up there, but I would say the glass coating technology and can become a major environmental measures by the directional dependent.